How to channelize your ANGER & FEAR in to creativity – by Aakash Girdhar

 anger anger-pencil-cartoon


What I lose when I am angry?

  • My ability to think straight                        overcoming-fear        
  • My patience, peace, love
  • My understanding; empathy
  • balance of mind disappears
  • And everything I have known or preached about good behavior and its effects on life means nothing to me in that moment of ANGER.

So ANGER is such a strong emotion that it takes away from you everything in a matter of seconds and leaves you with a circle of negativity.

solidao Depresyon

And what gives this anger such amazing power, it is our FEARS.


And then of course if you try to eat up your anger it gives you frustration, disappointment …. Actually if you try the other way around, showering your anger on people around YOU also won’t give  you satisfaction i can assure that but of course guilt and regrets will follow.  


fear (1)“FEAR IS THE MOST AMAZING OF EM’ ALL , TAKES 90 % OF our BRAIN-TIME  and waste it”

  • Fear of:  Living , death , looking good , winning , losing , being alone , being with people , fear of animals , people , love , not loved , heights , things everything , fear of god , religion , colors , ghost ,anger, fear of right and wrong , fear of results , fear of outcomes ,fear of fear, Fear of stagnation and adding to list                                                                    every day.

Fear public-speaking

What I lose when I am in FEAR?

  • Happiness , hope
  • Opportunities , possibilities
  • Courage , motivation
  • Calmness, peace, my balance and so much more!!


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       FEAR and ANGER are two very influential and  interesting emotions of our life , lets try and see them from a different and POSITIVE prospective (till the time we gain full control over them ) !!

ANGER generates a vast amount of energy out of nowhere, somewhere hidden deep  inside sleeping. I have seen people fighting for hours who by the way were too weak to even complete their own work.   

ANGER gives you confidence. In that moment of anger , nervousness disappears and its possible that you may perform more confidently .

ANGER overcomes your fear, only for moment but it does. If you corner an animal , most likely it will fear you first but then anger will appear and you will have to give it space to go.

courage (1)

In the moment of anger you become more motivated, determined, confident, powerful and independent.

BUT the issue is we have no CONTROL, and all these positives get overpowered by the negatives. So, here is my suggestion now WHEN ever you get angry

First, take a deep breath and try to store that vast energy in to you by giving your mind affirmations like “I am in full control”  “I will do what is necessary” “ I will be better than this” “ I will work harder” “I will love more and more” “ I will not give up “

See anger can be used in a positive way as it’s up to you how you guide your volcanic energy at that moment without damaging yourself.

And if you overcome your FEAR anger will dissolve, and it goes the other way round. If you are angry try what you fear the most, two outcomes are likely

1) You will overcome that fear

                  Or                                                              istock_000005751165medium 

2)Your anger will disappear

FEAR do make us more cautious and secured but i guess too much in the shadow.

FEAR is as deep as mind allows it; you can overcome your fears just by knowing, experiencing and opening your mind to acceptance.Knowing that nothing is permanent in this world, not me not you.

We are planted with fears from our childhood unknowingly and so our previous generations . And we spend our lives just overcoming old fears and adding new fears . 

You tell me ,

how come i fear heights ? but you don’t 

how come i am afraid of my parents ? but you are not 

I love dogs but my friend cries out of fear when she sees them so , 

basically the main POINT is fear is only an outcome of these planted influences .. i want you to free yourself from these imaginary fears . 


overcome-fear woman-tightrope-walking


4 thoughts on “How to channelize your ANGER & FEAR in to creativity – by Aakash Girdhar

  1. Thank you for recently visiting my blog site, and commenting. The best to you and yours as well. I have read the above and agree. There are better ways for one to channel their anger and fear; to substitute those feelings for ones of peace and love. They will have more positive results. God bless.


  2. Written beautifully.. well researched.. experience and deep observation perceiving real world game positions.. thank you for bringing things to clear vision in a much better way with simplicity!! hope to see more! 🙂 !!peace!!

    Liked by 1 person

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