We have been inspired our whole life, NOW IT’S OUR TIME TO INSPIRE – by Aakash Girdhar

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                        “MANY INSPIRED ME, BUT I INSPIRED NONE”

During this beautiful journey of life, we get so many inspirations and motivations from amazing people, stories, things, events and everything around us. But what do we do?

We get inspired for a moment but with flow of time we FORGET.

So, is it temporary?

Why at the end of the year, we don’t have things we aspired for or things which stopped and motivated us!! like for me, I got inspired for 6 pack abs but sorry to say I am nowhere close . vector-of-a-cartoon-bodybuilder-flexing-coloring-page-outline-by-ron-leishman-20454

So basically we spend hours watching what people create, innovate, inspire and then we still go back to what we were doing without a big change PERMANENTLY, doesn’t sound very heroic.

I will tell you why?I think the problem is, we are not taking the responsibility to INSPIRE. I believe that getting inspired is very important but doing the same for others is even more important.


            “I have many role models, but I guess it’s time to be one”

20-Ways-To-Inspire-People-Around-You selfish_helping_news

We survive on the creativity of people around us but I guess on this path we have forgotten that we have to start creating too (not only babies) but more. Have you ever realized that TV , books, movies and all sources of entertainment are created and innovated by people who did not only watch others create but took initiative to add something too.186133517

                   “We need to create that will of fire within us”    

Enjoy all the creativity and get motivated, but keep in mind that you also have a responsibility to inspire others.

                                    “Inspire people with your way of life”

    “We have lived for ourselves for too long, it’s time we live for others”

10c-live-for-others-to-Live random-acts-of-kindness-5-590x407

Inspiring doesn’t require too much of your effort but a simple pure kindhearted involvement in what you are doing with an intention of well being .

Now being an inspiration doesn’t mean that you have to become a billionaire or climb Mt. Everest; even a simple act of politeness, kindness or counselling someone in the time of need is enough.

Being nice to this universe anonymously is sufficient; you don’t have to be famous to be an inspiration.peace-love-hearts

So let’s do it; who won’t like to live in a world where everyone gets up in the morning with an aim to inspire, motivate, and spread love and peace.


“Once you aim to inspire, all your problems will become so small and solvable”

People say that I have enough on my plate already, once I get out of this, then I will think about it!!! Not really


People spend hours fighting to prove that they are “right” and this need to be “right” keeps them stuck in this vicious circle. Hence, they never get time to do something for others as they are always busy being Right.

Make relationships to inspire, be good; don’t always see what’s in it for you.


See there are 2 ways of approaching a problem to which you have no solution;

  • You be patient and try your best to find out the solution


  • You get out there and till the time you have no solution , you try and solve problems of people around you , &

I can assure you, your solution will come forward by itself.


Sometimes you may experience that , you are going through an issue or crisis in life and it so happens that your friend or known person ask you for guidance and during the talk you give him/ her you realize the solution to your own issue too .

“If you are stuck anywhere in your life, help others who are stuck”

“You want something, give something and it will come back”

“WE always take and take, I think it’s time we start giving”

Always expecting has become our perpetual need, there are very few who spend time giving than taking.

 “Invest in the happiness of people around you, and you will never be sad again”

“It’s our time to be an inspiration, let our actions show that”

“Let us all be heroes and heroines of our time”

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Reach me at girdharspeaks@gmail.com or leave a comment below


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