What do you want from me ?                       

I want you to become capable of DIGESTING/ENDURING  any level of NEGATIVITY thrown at you like a sponge , so that one day it will end and there will be none left . And all that absorbed carbon will turn in to a diamond. 


I want you to be so STRONG that if one day you die and god asks : Who is ready for an another round to earth ? your hand should be the first one to go up .

I want you to NEVER GIVE-UP in your life , even if you are all alone .


I want you to find CONTENTMENT with all what you have and will get in life or nothing more will satisfy you .      


I want you to BECOME a person who helps people out of their SADNESS and dance in their time of HAPPINESS .

I want you to know that you have an OBLIGATION towards happiness

3.minions.          depression_helpfriend

I want you to be READY, so READY that even if you are left alone in this world all by yourself ; you do not sweat but smile as you must . 


I want you to LIVE as if you are living to make your creator proud .

I want you to make this time of your life as a vacation to heaven because as my friend shared ” what if god/creator asks you how was heaven? “


                                               You ask – Who is god ? 

Hmm.. I think he is a innocent and a careless kid playing on a farm without any worries !! 

He has done his work now its time you do your part and meet him at the end , with your experience of life.

Don’t be afraid of what is inevitable , why not till it comes ; you go on an adventure worth sharing with your creator.

                                                          **LIFE GOAL **

                                     BE A GOOD PERSON – AND LOVE ALL.             helping-others-ws31



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