How to break through the maze of negativity in our Mind – By Aakash Girdhar

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“We always try to stay positive, but something happens somehow leaving us in this closed box of negativity”

“We experience OUR life through different phases, ways, illusions, ideas, thoughts, vacuums and motion

I have seen and also felt that maintaining an aura or vibe of positivism consistently, Gets a little difficult. But there are some things we can always do to come back to the blissful stage, like my father says :

“It’s not about getting negative; it’s about how fast you can recover from it”       

“Bursting happiness of life” 

tumblr_me9v7r31B51rm7a67o1_5001.)   We are very strong and proud member of this amazing society we live in, BUT remember sometimes everyone needs a push; dark illusions of mind can only unfold with the help of another being.  

 If you are going through a tough time in your life, take an initiative and get out of your bed to meet your  close ones, friends,and neighbors-“PEOPLE”                                                        

   You will realize that sometimes when you are in need of support & “There is no one; even a small talk with an unknown person about his life can provide you warmth   tumblr_mm7cfz1Ur51s2c75ro1_250

 So do ask for help!!          

“Getting out of quick sand is far easier with a hand pulling you out

2.)   Another beautiful way to solve this challenging puzzle of unhappiness is to “do exactly opposite to what you are engaged in your life right now”                  tumblr_mlsxqe77nK1s2c75ro1_250

See it’s very simple, if you are travelling on a road and you find it closed at the end what do you do Take a different route 

Let’s say , you haven’t watched a movie for a long time then “go for it “

It’s been while you went out partying “go for it”

A holiday, it’s been years “then go for it”

Haven’t tried meditation in my whole life , I can’t do it , not my type , completely my opposite “you have to go for it”tumblr_m8fkffkPco1r70n32

Understand that if dancing in the middle of the road is completely not your type “go for it”      

 For a week, do stuff you don’t do normally and let the mystery of negativity unfold & dissolve .

I tried to solve my problem with “X” way of thinking it did not work out,  so try “Y”

 3.)  A common mistake that I know we all make and I sometime still do is,  we stop doing stuff.

When we are going through a rough patch , we get disoriented causing to disrupt our daily good habits .HpPDKQb

Like in my period of struggle i stop exercising , reading , meditating & yoga which actually would help .

See some things are always stationary , going for a jog every morning shouldn’t be disturbed if you are going through a career, financial or an emotional phase .

“ Never ever stop the good habits you have in the time of downfall

Go for your walkStart readingDeep breathGo for your dance classAnd so on

Thinks will always get better but don’t loose on your health or tumblr_mpdf3dYho81sojjzlo1_400happiness due to a temporary phase of life. 

Use your time of stagnation , struggle , hardships to train, polish and sharpen yourself because you will be making lots of decisions in life in the influence of this period of dullness.

 4.)  Your words play a very crucial role in this time and phase of your life. tumblr_ngrf9aRrgk1rvzu9do1_500

What you want ? this universe will do it for you ? but you have to come forward and let it knowEven a genie doesn’t grant your wish until you tell him what to you need . PS: yes genie’s exists , in case of doubt please call Aladdin.tumblr_n7s71oabLL1smcbm7o1_250

So whenever you get caught in this addictive dark circle of negativity followed by self sympathy , Ask for freedom , wisdom and believe that you will get out soon.  You will get what you ask for”

So if you say that

This is hard , dark or I am not good enough all these affirmations will be granted ;it your choice where you want to be.

You know a amazing thing about this mind;  in seconds you feel everything is destroyed and that you have no chance, but a simple change in weather may get you to think otherwise.



Let us  all connect and spread positivism for people who are stuck in their maze of darkness , let us all shed light and Give a hand and light to those in need.  

 Wish you all a consistent circle of happiness and love tumblr_me3ilgL8kQ1rurdm6


              Good luck!!  

Talk to me : or leave a comment below.


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