17 Things to keep in mind to have a happy and satisfied life !! By Aakash Girdhar

1.      Life is like a game, winning or losing stays in the game. In the end nothing matters but the enjoyment you had with it.    


2.       Your THOUGHTS, BELIEFS, WORDS are three most important influences which create your life.


3.       Educate/Train yourself to be happy and positive.


4.       We are all equal in the eyes of god, universe or our creator.


5.       Motivation is an important tool; USE it.


6.       Feeling of gratitude LOVE is what lies in the heart and soul of all living beings ;Revive it


7.       Stop over thinking, over analyzing, over planning ; Just do it 


8.       Confidence signifies your clear state of mind and which gives you power to do or create anything you want ; KILL CONFUSION 


9.       Calm your mind body and soul; Listen, only then you will understand.

      “Silence is the key”.


10.   We are one; I am the richest and the poorest; I am the hungry and full; I AM YOU AND YOU ARE ME.

 We are one world

11.   Time is not running away , there is no hurry to reach somewhere ; everything is here in this moment 



12.   Knowledge is the key to all, more knowledge leads to less confusion. Gain knowledge


13.   Take care of your body; being healthy and strong is a way of saying thanks to our creator .


14.   Spend time with yourself.


15.   Most important of all BELIEVE IN YOURSELF because universe believes in you that’s why you are here I believe in you.


16.   Acknowledge it and move on. Don’t get stuck.


17.   We can know everything in time; look inside yourself you are the key. Find peace, patience and persistence.


By- Aakash Girdhar


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