3 Activities to connect with the universe!!

We are always told that everyone is alone in this world , and that be independent of others … who knows what will happen blah blah blah I DISAGREE . WE ARE NOT ALONE AND WERE NEVER ALONE AND WILL NEVER BE ALONE but provided we understand HOW and what do i mean ?

We have this story in our mind that loneliness can only fade away or disappear if we are surrounded by people we love and care ( THIS IS ONE WAY ) but this is not the case . You may have felt many times in life that even surrounded by people you feel very lonely but why

Because we have forgotten the main source main power THE UNIVERSE , some may refer this creator as God , Bhagwan (hindi) , Allah and many more i call it THE UNIVERSE .

I want to you to connect with the main power THE UNIVERSE , the only energy friend companion which will never disappoint leave you or run away when you need it the most .

HERE’S 3 things i want you to do ( Please don’t analyze or over thing just give your 15 min on these 3 activities and feel the change )

1.  Go to your nearest garden or place where you can find a tree a big tree , now give it a big hug thanking him to be there for you all this while without complaining . Warning: dont get afraid you will get used to him(THE BIG TREE) talking back to you .

2. Go to your terrace , balcony anywhere open ; now open your both hands take a deep breath and thank universe to be there for you and creating you so beautifully . Feel it . The sky The air The trees The fragrances let it flow in you .

3.  When you get up in the morning make sure you say these words THANK YOU UNIVERSE I WILL HAVE FUN TODAY .

Try these and you will feel the change i promise . Lets break this deadliness we are living in everyday .

Book of this month i recommend is YES THANK YOU UNIVERSE by VickrantMahajan



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